DTD Ep22 Motherhood Overwhelm

EP22 Motherhood Overwhelm


Motherhood, a journey that weaves joy, love, and challenges, also carries the weight of overwhelm. Join me on 'Ditch The Debate' as we peel back the layers—societal expectations, mom guilt, and strategies to thrive in the chaos.

Motherhood, a journey filled with joy, love, and a fair share of challenges, sometimes brings along an unwelcome companion—overwhelm. In the latest episode of ‘Ditch The Debate,’ I’m inviting you to join me on a personal exploration through the complex layers of Motherhood Overwhelm.

Defining Motherhood Overwhelm

My experience with motherhood has taught me that it’s far from a linear path—it’s more like a rollercoaster ride with unexpected twists and turns. Motherhood Overwhelm, in my eyes, is the result of various factors colliding—societal pressures, internal battles, and the everyday chaos that defines being a mom.

Societal Expectations

Let’s dive into societal expectations—a layer that feels like an ever-present undertow. Picture being handed a script titled ‘The Perfect Mom,’ with society eagerly awaiting your flawless performance. I’ve been there, weighed down by comparison and the illusion of perfection painted by social media. It’s time to break free from this comparison trap and embrace the messy reality of motherhood.

Overcoming Guilt

The heavyweight—Mom Guilt. It’s real, and it’s something I’ve grappled with too. Guilt for spending too much time on work, guilt for taking a few extra minutes in the bath, guilt for daring to ask for some time to catch up on admin or take a longer walk. Why? Because we’ve been conditioned that everything falls on us. In this episode, I share my experiences and explore how we can loosen guilt’s grip and prioritize self-care without feeling like we’re neglecting our duties.

Looking Forward and Coping Strategies

As we peer into the future of motherhood, I encourage you to embrace the changing landscape. Let’s cultivate gratitude, set realistic expectations, and acknowledge the resilience within us. The coping toolkit becomes our guide—self-care, connection, flexibility, mindfulness, hobbies, and the art of saying ‘no.’ Together, let’s unravel the layers and navigate the overwhelming seas of motherhood.

In conclusion, perfection is an illusion, and you’re not alone in this beautiful chaos. Join me on ‘Ditch The Debate’ as we prioritize well-being and celebrate the unique journey that defines your motherhood.

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