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Are you a mom entrepreneur ready for more (without the guilt) unlocking your full potential while tackling the chaos of juggling life, family, and business? Welcome to ‘Ditch The Debate,’ where I’m your guide, Taniel—an expert in Transformation Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Online Marketing, and Leadership with a passion for helping high-performance moms step into the life they fully deserve.

Join me on a transformative journey where practical strategies intersect with the power of the mind. In short – where the woo-woo rubber hits the road. Together, we’ll dive into empowering discussions, actionable insights, and inspiring stories.

It’s time to ditch the debate & make it happen. So, grab a comfy chair, tune in, and let’s step into your powerful, authentic self together. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Season 1

34 Solo shows with none other than … me, it’s me 😂 Diving into a lot of the inner work and the woo.

DTD EP34 Let Them

EP34 Let Them

Welcome back to Ditch The Debate Podcast! Today, I delve into the “Let Them” mindset, a transformative approach that’s helped me as a working mom struggling with control issues and burnout. Tune in to learn how letting go can lead to a more peaceful, fulfilling life.

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DTD Ep33 Are You A High Performance Mom

EP33 Are You A High Performance Mom?

Being a high performance mom is a title many strive for, but what does it really mean? While the concept sounds appealing, it’s crucial to delve into both the rewards and the challenges that come with balancing high ambition and the demands of motherhood.

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DTD EP32 Why are Procrastination and Perfectionism twins

EP32 Why are Procrastination and Perfectionism twins?

I want to take a moment to explore the intricate relationship between procrastination and perfectionism. They often fuel each other, forming a toxic cycle that traps us in paralysis. Perfectionism drives us to set impossibly high standards, leading to feelings of inadequacy. Procrastination then becomes a coping mechanism, as we fear not meeting those standards. This cycle exacerbates stress and anxiety, trapping us in delay and self-criticism, hindering our progress and enjoyment of the journey.

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DTD Ep31 Rewiring a Scarcity Mindset for Working Moms

EP31 How To Rewire a Scarcity Mindset for Working Moms

Today, we’re confronting a pervasive challenge: scarcity mindset. As working moms, we often feel the weight of never having enough time, resources, or opportunities. But here’s the thing – scarcity is a mindset, not a reality. Let’s unpack its effects and uncover strategies for rewriting our stories.

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DTD Ep30 Tips for Reinventing Yourself In Motherhood

EP30 Practical Tips for Reinventing Yourself In Motherhood

Reinventing yourself isn’t easy, but it’s necessary for aligning priorities with lifestyle and preserving values. Dive into the discomfort, set bold goals, identify strengths, overcome fears, and take deliberate action. It’s time to embrace the journey of transformation and thrive in motherhood.

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Season 2

10 Amazing Guests with incredible insights and tips, tricks and hacks.

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