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Transformation Life Coach, Cl Hypnotherapist, Podcaster, Entrepreneur, Educator, Online Marketing Specialist, Mamma of 3, Extremely Curious Human

With a Growth Mindset

I help ambitious, high-performance moms through the journey of self-discovery, empowering them to reclaim their sense of self, navigate the challenges of identity loss, and confidently build and run businesses that align with their dreams.

Taniel Strydom


Motherhood Chaos


Crystal Clarity

Do you ever find yourself wishing your life was Different?

But your life is pretty damn good, right? So WHY!??

I get it!!! I really do!

Here is what I want to say to YOU:


You haven’t allowed yourself to really take stock of who you are becoming!

Do any of these Resonate?

My Offers

I’ve designed each offer with YOU in mind. I want to meet you where you are at & support your beautiful (& messy) journey. 💞

My Beautiful Clients

The whole reason I do what I do! My goal is to help 100+ moms in 2024. ♥︎♥︎

This Coaching Is Going To Change My Life!

I think the biggest challenge was not to be overcome by fear of going out of my comfort zone. And with the coaching I was able to think, imagine, visualize my goal. I could have decided to step back on my project and choose another easier path but I am glad I did not ! And being empowered by another woman makes a big difference. I am definitely grateful for this amazing opportunity. This coaching is going to change my life in many aspects and it happened at the perfect moment when I needed it the most. Overcoming fear of being on my own, of relying on me only. But now I know I have the skills, the intelligence, and the motivation to go through all this alone and that I can always ask for help. There is nothing wrong to ask for help to friends and family. HUGE THANK YOU TANIEL !


I Would Recommend Taniel Definitely!

Taniel is very skilful & professional; I had a session with her on an issue that was for a long time part of my life; she led the session so skilfully, was empathetic, and reassured me throughout the session. I felt safe and understood. Taniel helped me understand the underlying beliefs that were triggering me to self-sabotage myself and stopping me from living a more fulfilled, happier and freeing life. After the session, I felt so empowered and felt an immediate shift in such a profound way. But it did not stop there; even after weeks, I still keep seeing this session’s positive and impactful effects in the different areas of my life. If I would recommend Taniel, YES, definitely, she is doing phenomenal work, and I wish her all the success!

Thank you, Taniel!


Take This Opportunity To Transform Your Life!

I felt scared , frustrated and anxious because I couldn’t start my business and work with paying clients! I was facing mental blocks about starting to promote my business and sell my services.

Since my session I started my business, my Instagram business profile , my Facebook page , promote and sell my services confidently and work with paying clients in the most natural way.

When they found you, they should take this opportunity to transform their life !


I Gained Clarity & Awareness

I gained clarity and awareness of what my areas of expertise is. Practical steps to get there. Key pitfalls to be aware off/avoid. Tips & tricks to stay motivated.

I’ve used the strategies and insights we spoke about in my daily life by setting small practical goals to achieve goals, keeping myself accountable and not being too hard on myself or the process.

Thank you for believing in me!


A Future That Excites Me Again!

Taniel came in just at the right time of my life. She has this beautiful energy that makes you feel heard and seen. With the safe space she created and knowledge she carries, I finally were able to start working towards a future that excites me again.


I'm In Such A Good Place!

Becoming a mom has been my dream for many years, but I had no idea what I was actually signing up for. I felt lost, constantly overwhelmed, so much anxiety and really emotional. Taniel helped me clear through so much and get me into such a good place where I can now focus on exactly what I’ve always wanted to professionally, without feeling guilty about being a mom too. Her ability to see things differently and open your mind is transformative. Thank you Taniel!


Sign Up With Taniel!

I was constantly an anxious and nervous wreck. I slept poorly, had brain fog and felt out of my depth. Since my session I have been able to practice more meditation, and become more aware of triggers. I could never pinpoint where my problem initiated from. Taniel helped me identify what the core was in a safe space. Anyone that feels as lost and confused about where to start the healing process needs to sign up with Taniel.


I'm Finally Happy & At Peace

I have suffered with anxiety and depression for over 20 years. It was getting worse and I knew I needed help. I found Taniel online and from the first call I felt safe and heard. My session was enlightening and everything made such sense!! I am very grateful for Taniel and her help, I’m finally happy and at peace and am looking forward to my new life! I highly recommend Taniel! Xx


The podcast for working moms ready to unlock their true potential and conquer the chaos of life, family, and business! Get ready to ditch the doubts, embrace the woo-woo magic, and embark on a transformative journey with “Ditch The Debate.” Grab a comfy chair, tune in, and let’s step into your powerful, authentic self together.

Welcome to my blog, your exclusive gateway to empowerment in the dynamic life of working moms. At the heart of this space, my mission is to unlock your true potential across the chaos of motherhood, life, family, and business. Guided by my background in Transformation Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and a growth mindset, I’ll share practical strategies along side the inner workings of our beautiful minds. My blog is not just about mindful growth; it’s an exciting exploration of self-awareness and personal development tailored just for you.

Taniel Strydom

Who Am I?

A Corporate Boss B*tch turned mom with many, many reinventions in my journey. I am a mom to 3 small kids (my eldest & twins), I run my own business, the household and family admin.

Loss of identity, motherhood-overwhelm, mom-guilt, comparison-itus, perfectionism, procrastination, analysis-paralysis, mom-guilt, imposter syndrome… I get every single one of them! But I also know what life is like to recover from and manage them.

My Core Values

TS TT Sunflowers


Being honest & having your actions aligned with your words.

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Full acceptance of everyone. No judgement. Praise when it is due.

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Show up. Take responsibility & move forward. Take the risk, fail & learn.

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