Four Little Words That Changed My Life

EP28 Four Little Words That Changed My Life

Join me on this personal episode of Ditch The Debate & Make It Happen podcast as I reflect on the pivotal moment when four little words, "Get Rid Of Her," changed the course of my life. Discover the challenges, lessons learned, and the empowering journey of self-discovery that followed. Tune in now for an inspiring story of intuition, resilience and transformation.

Hey there, lovely souls! Taniel here, and today I want to get real and vulnerable with you. Let’s rewind the clock to 12 months ago when my life took an unexpected turn. It all started with four little words: “Get Rid Of Her.” This jump started my journey, again, with my intuition and resilience.

If you’ve been following my journey on the Ditch The Debate & Make It Happen podcast, you know that I’ve navigated through various roles and environments, striving to balance motherhood, entrepreneurship, and personal growth. But 12 months ago, I found myself in a toxic and controlling work environment. Despite the red flags, I stayed for the paycheck, sacrificing my well-being and precious time with my family.

The signs were there—I felt drained, undervalued, and constantly on edge. Yet, I silenced my intuition, convincing myself that I needed the financial stability. Little did I know, my intuition was trying to steer me towards a brighter path.

Then came the turning point. In March of that fateful year, my manager delivered those four words that shattered my world. Initially, I felt anger and resentment, but deep down, I knew it was a blessing in disguise. I refused to let this setback define me or dampen my spirit.

In the aftermath of my departure, I grappled with a rollercoaster of emotions—resentment, anger, and self-doubt. But through self-reflection and forgiveness, I found peace and clarity. I realized that my worth wasn’t tied to a job title or paycheck. I deserved better, and I was determined to create a life on my terms.

Through this experience, I learned invaluable lessons. I rediscovered the power of intuition and the importance of trusting my instincts. I embraced the mantra of owning my future, refusing to settle for anything less than what I deserve.

As I embarked on the journey of rebuilding my career and personal brand, I faced challenges and uncertainties. But armed with newfound clarity and purpose, I forged ahead, embracing my zone of genius and charting a course towards fulfillment.

If you’re standing at a crossroads, feeling trapped in a situation that no longer serves you, I urge you to listen to that inner voice nudging you towards change. It may be daunting, messy, and filled with uncertainty, but trust me—it’s worth it. You are capable of rewriting your story and creating a life aligned with your true desires.

So here’s to those four little words that shook me to my core and propelled me towards a brighter future. I’m grateful for the lessons learned, the resilience gained, and the unwavering belief in myself. And if you’re reading this, know that I’m proud of you. You’re stronger than you realize, and you have the power to transform your life.

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