Ep35 with Jen Fontanilla on can we have it all as a mom entrepreneur

EP35 Can We Have It All As Mom Entrepreneurs – With Jen Fontanilla

Welcome back to Ditch The Debate Podcast! Today, I have an incredible discussion Jen Fontanilla around having it all as a mom entrepreneur and money mindset.

In this episode of the Ditch the Debate Podcast, I interview Jen Fontanilla, a certified money coach, TEDx speaker, and author.

Jen shares her insights on balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship, emphasizing the importance of mindset, flexibility, and intentional time management. She discusses the unrealistic pressures of hustle culture and the significance of defining personal success.

Jen advocates for a slow and steady approach, aligning goals with the current life season, and prioritizing family and self-care. They also delve into the broader impacts of social media on perceptions of success and the necessity of planting seeds for long-term goals.

The episode concludes with the announcement of Jen’s new book, ‘The Creative Code,’ available on Amazon.

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